Scary Clown Costumes

Everyone knows that clowns are the scariest things that are supposed to be fun for young kids so obviously they make the most perfect Halloween costumes. Clown costumes perfect for Halloween and they're not for the faint-hearted, even the ones that aren't intended to be creepy just are. IT's in the makeup of the persona (see what we did there?). We have a whole array of clown Halloween costumes, ranging from Morphsuits to the killer Harlequin jester, all perfect for a scary clown costume party. No matter what, if you chose a MorphCostumes scary clown fancy dress costume then you're going to be well received! See below for our full range of clown costumes.
  • Jester Piggyback™ Costume

    Jester Piggyback™ Costume

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    Special Price $79.95

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  • The Clown Morphsuit

    The Clown Morphsuit


    In stock

  • Jaw Dropper Clown Morphsuit

    Jaw Dropper Clown Morphsuit


    In stock

  • Womens The Clown Morphsuit

    Womens The Clown Morphsuit


    In stock

  • Kids The Clown Morphsuit

    Kids The Clown Morphsuit


    In stock

  • Freaky Clown Eyes Shirt

    Freaky Clown Eyes Shirt


    In stock

  • Moving Eye Demon Clown T-Shirt

    Moving Eye Demon Clown T-Shirt


    In stock

  • Killer Clown MorphMask

    Killer Clown MorphMask


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