Digital Christmas Jumpers

Your Christmas holidays will never be the same again once you've discovered our collection of ugly Christmas jumpers. Whether you're looking for a funny Christmas jumper to wear to the office party, a conversation piece for your annual Xmas night out on the town, or something comfortable yet festive for Christmas Day at home, we've got Christmas jumpers that are so bad they're great!

Take your tacky Christmas knitwear to the next level with a MorphDigital Dudz light-up Christmas jumper. These quirky designs with moving elements are guaranteed to get you plenty of attention – and a lot of high fives! For those planning to up their festive dressing game one more notch, we also have a great range of Christmas costumes that let you truly decorate yourself for the holidays; or, to help keep you and your friends off Santa's naughty list, check out our guide to group costumes.

Discover our full range of Christmas jumpers below and get ready to light up your next festive get-together!

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  • Knitted Crackling Fireplace Christmas Jumper

    Knitted Crackling Fireplace Christmas Jumper


    In stock

  • Gingerbread Snack Knitted Christmas Sweater

    Gingerbread Snack Knitted Christmas Sweater


    In stock

  • Moving Mooning Santa Sweater

    Moving Mooning Santa Sweater


    In stock

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