Adult 80s Fancy Dress Costumes

The eighties was a decade of Rah-Rah skirts, leg warmers and crimped hair. One thing that can be certain about this decade was the music that defined it. The likes of the punk, new wave, glam rock and heavy metal all came in with a bang, and with that came the outfits! This section will give you a great selection of 1980s fancy dress costumes, ranging from punk costumes to eighties glam rock costumes.

There are many types of eighties looks you could go for. Whether you like the Adam Ant look, or Boy George was more your cup of tea, our selection of 1980s fancy dress costumes and accessories have the power to make you look like you have just walked out of a Duran Duran concert. If you are going to go eighties, make sure you get your make up on! That includes the men! They loved a bit of slap back then!

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